Monday, January 21, 2013

Data Vault and data modeling in the Trenches 27th,28th Feb.+ March 6


While I'm meeting a lot of Data Vault specialists in the field, there are always a lot of questions and assumptions unanswered while working in the trenches. The focus on value and productivity is difficult to merge with delving deep and doing reflection. The  DV in the trenches track is one of the few possibilities to dive into Data Vault without discussing urgent and pressing issues around loading and transforming your next Hub or Link. But of course, no theory survives contact with reality, so we will be doing a lot of reflection on actual implementations, current standards and best practices.

So if you really want to learn about data modeling and learn about Data Vault in a broader scope? Discuss Data Vault 2.0 or understand exotic but oh so practical key satellites? Getting to grips with 'modeling standards', architectures and frameworks? Anchor Modeling, or even what the rest of the MATTER program has to offer? Join me on the coming DV course of the DV in the trenches track.


The MATTER program will be scheduling a new iteration of the Data Vault modeling course of the DV in the trenches track. It will be held February 27th and 28th, and an extra day on March the 6th 2013. I'll be teaching this course personally so I hope to see you there ;)


Registration can be done at the website of BI-Podium here.