Thursday, May 2, 2013

Data Vault Model Examples


There are several example models on Data Vault around the net. this post tries to list the ones publicly available as blog posts or as downloads.


The SQL Server Northwind database has been used as an DV transformation example in the original TDAN Data Vault papers by Dan Linstedt. You can find the paper with Northwind here. Another blog where Northwind is used is the wherescape blog here. The pdf files of both the original and the Data Vault are also available. The Nothrwind database was an example database from Microsoft for it's SQL Server DBMS product. The original database is, like a lot of example databases from DBMS vendors, quite badly designed. For Data Vault this gives some nice issues to solve going to a Data Vault. The given example however is very basic. It ignores the use of reference tables and for examples sake solely creates a link for the orders table where a hub & link would be more apropriate. It als does not assign Data Vault sequence numbers.


The basic adventureworks can be found on sourceforge. A repaired DDL version can be found on the blog of Hans Geurtsen. Others have used Adventureworks database with for example Quipu. See blogs here and here. Some info on the source database can be found here


On Sourceforge there is also a National Drug Code database example created by Dan Linstedt as well as a weblog data vault and a metrics vault.


I myself use the TPC-H model's as examples for Data vault transformations. The source model and information  can be found here. The different Data Vault model styles will be introduced in detail on my blog in future blog posts. (I still need to fix them up). They are also used in the MATTER program.

Other Examples

Other Examples of Data Vaults on the web are for example for mobile solutions. Other people blogged about DV models, like Stefan Frost. Simple examples used to explain Data Vault transformations can be found here and here.

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