Friday, May 10, 2013

Data Vault Introductions


No, this is not a post about introducing Data Vault, but a post referencing materials that introduce Data Vault. I've collected blog posts, articles and book references for you to browse to get to grips with Data Vault. If after all this info you still have questions left (or maybe even more than you started with), come back here and I'll see what I can do.

Blogs with Data Vault introductions and overviews

The following blogs have entries for introductions to Data Vault. +Hans Patrik Hultgren has written a blogpost here. Martin Ouellet did a good blogpost about Data vault on his blog+Daniel Linstedt has a good post on it here, and an additional one here. He has also a slideshare presentation here. Several blogs about Data vault from the people at lucrum can be found here. There are also some blog entries on AgileDSS describing basic Data Vault (modeling) and architecture.

Books on Data Vault

Supercharge your Data warehouse by +Daniel Linstedt,  Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault by +Hans Patrik Hultgren.

Introduction Papers for Data Vault.

The TDAN Articles are quite old but still readable. +Kent Graziano has a paperslideshare intro as well. +Hans Patrik Hultgren has a DV into paper as well.  Nippur has also an introduction presentation online here. My own SQLBits  presentation is also still online here! Wikipedia also has a Data Vault article+Roelant Vos has written an article about Data Vault. A presentation of his can be found here.

Courses introducing Data vault

See my Data Vault Agenda for more information. Except courses from the MATTER program most events and courses (also) target the novice audience.

Data Vault Comparisons

+Stefan Frost blogged on his toolbox blog about Data Vault vs. , +Kent Graziano did a comparison here . Hennie de Nooijer did a comparison in his blog here. Wherescape has also a comparison on data vault here (slidshare from Wherescape is here) The bibackend has a comparison here. Another comparison for Data Vault has been blogged about by +Roelant Vos  here. A dutch blog by worldofintelligence is here.

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