Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Data Modeling Zone

Data Modeling Zone Europe

Last fall I was at the first Data Modeling Zone in Baltimore, USA. This fall there will be 2 conferences dedicated to data modeling. One in Baltimore,USA 8-10th of October and one European one in Hanover, Germany on 23rd and 24th of September.


There will be a lot of info on FCO-IM, Model transformations, Data Vault, Anchor Modeling and much more.


I'll be doing 2 presentations on the European Zone. One on Information Modeling and implementations around Data Vault, Anchor Modeling etc. and one on the success of Data Vault and Data warehouse Automation in the Netherlands.

DMZ Promotion

For those that would like to attend the organization has set up individual promotion codes for each of the speakers - my code is EversDMZPromo. Anytime someone registers for DMZ Europe with this code on DataModelingZone.com or DataModelingZone.eu, you will receive 100 Euros off the registration price. For every two people that register using your code, one student from a local university will be allowed to register for the conference for free. The promotion code is active up until the date of the conference and can be used any number of times. Please use the code if you intend to come

Hope to see you there!