Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Reprising the MATTER Data Vault in-the-trenches track this fall

This fall the MATTER program will reprise the Data Vault in the trenches track. This track, meant for the more experienced Data (Vault) modelers/architects/BI specialist  focuses on the broad subject of Data Vault, Anchor Style modeling, 'Temporal data modeling' and even some Anchor Modeling. This is a 'no hold barred' track, so if you want to have thorough insights into Data Vault and other techniques this is your track. We'll deep dive in all the issues and opportunities that these kinds of model approaches have to offer.

I will personally teach the track's upcoming installments:
  1. Data Vault & Temporal Data Modeling in the trenches (11-12 sept.)
    • Focusing on (advanced) modeling constructs like key satellites, model transformation, model optimization, temporalization, model segmentation and many more issues.
  2. Data warehouse and Data Vault oriented Architecture, metadata & ETL (planned for begin oct.)
    • Focusing on Data Architecture, Raw/Rule Vault, business data models, metadata, transformation & generation & Data logistics.
  3. Advanced Data Modeling & Data Vault subjects (23-24 oct.)
    • Focusing on advanced modeling concepts like sub/super-typing (specialization/generalization), abstraction, multiple keys, virtualization, ...
See the Data Vault agenda or BI-podium website for more details. If you have questions around the track's qualifications, information or contents, don't hesitate to contact me or comment below this post and I'll get back to you.

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